Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Winter fashions.

I can honestly not wait for winter! I love the cold, the snow, EVERYTHING! But most of all, I love the winter fashions! I simply love them! Big comfy jumpers with patterns on! Fluffy slipper boots, scarves, gloves / mittens, and of course hats and ear muffs! 
Also winter is the perfect excuse to cuddle up with a nice drink of hot chocolate and marshmallows! Some may say that the landscape is boring during the winter because of the snow, (when ever we get some that is), but I think it makes everything look far more magical! 
Here is a jumper which I am hoping to be getting very soon! It has owls on and I love the pattern and the colours! It's so simple, it will go with almost anything! So excited! 
So here are some photos I have reblogged on Tumblr in the past. Enjoy! :)

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